UK: Internet users are hooked

Report is a fascinating insight into the impact of connectivity on everyday life.

Ofcom’s 2016 Communications Market Report studied the connected behaviour of over 2000 adults and 500 teenagers. 

The researchers found that UK adults on average spend a day (25 hours) online every week.  They are spending longer online than they intend – and are neglecting family, friends, work, housework – and even their health – to do so!

Other key findings

  • 59% of internet users consider themselves ‘hooked’ on their connected device
  • 49% say they spend longer online every day than they originally intend
  • 37% say the same of social media
  • 61% of teenagers have been digitally grounded in some way – with parents restricting the time they can use their devices
  • 25% of adults say they have been bumped into on the street at least once a week by an inattentive device user!
  • The use of instant messaging by adults has surged in the last year; for young people aged 16-24 instant messaging is considered the single most important way of communicating
  • The proportion of 55-64 years who had internet access increased from 82% in 2015 to 87% in 2016
  • 51% in that age group use social media at least once a week
  • An increasing number of people are trying to take some digital downtime by spending some time at least without accessing the internet.
  • 16% of adults say they deliberately holidayed in locations with no internet access!

You can find out more about the research, along with links to open research data, here.