Twitter: learning from the bad and the good

We have all read inspirational quotes encouraging us to learn from our mistakes.   How much more fun, though, to learn from other people's mistakes.  Chris Brogan (always worth reading) writes about badly managed or abandoned corporate ‘grocery goods' Twitter accounts and the lessons are clear.

  • An abandoned Twitter account is worse than no official Twitter account.
  • Many companies and brands still don't ‘get' social media and are simply broadcasting press releases
  • Spamming is just wrong - don't do it!
  • Tone of voice is everything - don't be a Twitter braggard
Chris also gives examples of great Twitter usage if you are that way inclined.There are also positive Twitter lessons to be learned from the Top 50 ‘most followed magazines'.  Speaking to Folio Magazine, representatives from four of the top 50 share ideas on growing readership via Twitter.  Key lessons include:
  • provide useful information
  • reply to all questions
  • use hashtags consistently
  • be willing to entertain - and challenge
  • above all - be human.  It should be clear to your community that you are speaking with your 'true voice'