The sharing economy - how much is it worth?

The sharing economy will continue to disrupt the rental economy.

Consultancy firm PwC set out to estimate the economic value of the sharing economy.   To do so it identified five prominent sectors in the sharing economy and compared these sectors against traditional rental models. 

Sharing economy                                                                    Traditional rental

Peer to peer finance                                                            Equipment rental

Online staffing                                                                     B&B and hostels

Peer to peer accommodation                                                 Book rental

Car sharing                                                                         Car rental

Music and video streaming                                                    DVD rental

The researchers mapped all ten sectors against an S-curve economic model that tracks services and products from the early stages (niche) through 'normalisation', maturity and decline or rebirth.

Key findings

  • The five sharing economy sectors currently generate $15bn in global revenues (5% of total revenue generated by all ten sectors researched)
  • This could grow to an estimated $335bn by 2025.  This would constitute over 50% of the revenue generated by the ten sectors
  • The biggest predicted growth is expected to be achieved by peer-to-peer/crowdfunding – a predicted growth of 63% to 2025
  • Online staffing will see the second largest growth (a predicted increase of 37%)
  • Peer-to-peer accommodation (+31%); car sharing (+23%) and music and video streaming (+17%)

Sources: PwC; emarketer.