The rise of digital-first Britain

Fujitsu research paints a positive picture of attitudes and take-up of digital services.

Researchers set out to interview business leaders, employees and consumers to explore attitudes to, and readiness to exploit, digital services. The findings are positive, but also show there is more to be done to achieve digital inclusion.

Consumers – confidence in digital services

  • 90% say they will  always or sometimes use digital services when they are provided (25% always; 65% sometimes)
  • Fewer than 10% never use digital options
  • 67% consider themselves to be highly comfortable using digital services
  • Users of digital services value them for speed; money saving; mobility and a better customer experience
  • 63% cited online banking as their most valued digital service
  • Lowest levels of satisfaction with digital services reported for Local and central government

Workforce – the benefits of digital

  • 57% of workers cite mobility and flexibility as the key benefits they get from digital services
  • 50% say real-time access to information is one of the biggest benefits
  • Only 10% state strong negativity around the digital services provided by their employer
  • (77%) of employees believe that the future success of their organisation hinges on the effective use of digital technology.

Digital education

  • 54% feel the government could be doing more to prepare the UK for a digital tomorrow
  •  40% believe the country needs to be moving more rapidly in this regard
  • 39% believe there isn’t enough being done to educate the general public on digital services
  • 22% say digital education should be part of the school curriculum

Digital by default – but balance is key

  • Organisations should focus on innovation and service quality – whether digital or human interaction
  • Digital inclusion should be a priority and support provided to the disconnected – who do appreciate the value of digital services, but are unable to access them for a variety of reasons

For more information, download the full report here.