TV and video viewing trends

Viewing TV and other video content on tablets has doubled according to research by NPD DisplaySearch.  And it's not just tablets that consumers are using.  The findings indicate that over 70% of consumers are using tablets, notebooks, smartphones, desktop computers or MP3 players to view TV/video content.14 regional markets were surveyed, including the BRIC countries and France, Germany, Italy, Russia and the UK.There was particularly strong growth in using tablet devices in Turkey, Germany, France and the US.Meanwhile, a report by the video publishing platform Ooyala has analysed viewing data from over 200 million video views per month.  It too highlights the increase in tablet viewing figures.  The report also highlights the following key trends:Growth in mobile video sharing - mobile video gained a huge share of overall time spent watching videos in the first quarter. Smartphones gained 41 percent, while tablets grew 32 percent.Longer videos - viewers are watching longer videos on all devices, but especially mobile devices.  Users are also spending more time per video play on both smartphones and tablets.High engagement on tablets - 30% of tablet viewers view at least 75% of the videos.  The use of tablets spikes after 6pm, as people get home from work.The Ooyala report is updated quarterly and it will be interesting to keep an eye on how these viewing trends develop.(For more analysis on the Ooyala figures, see the go-Digital blog.