Supporting employee innovation – UK lags behind

Survey explores culture of innovation in four countries.

1200 employees in France, Germany, Spain and the UK were asked about whether their organisations encouraged them to innovate and share new ideas.

The results suggest that the UK is lagging behind its European counterparts.

Building a culture of innovation has to come from senior leaders. They have to ensure that staff are encouraged and empowered to share ideas.

Key findings:

  • 63% of employees in France feel they are encouraged to innovate and change
  • 57% in Spain say the same thing
  • Only 47% of employees in the UK feel supported
  • 74% of Spain’s employees and 66% of Germany’s employees say they feel inspired at work; only 54% of UK employees say the same thing
  • Only 42% of UK workers call their workplace innovative
  • 29% of UK employees consider their workplace fragmented and siloed
  • Only 57% of UK employees say management is open to new ideas
  • Only 56% of UK employees say there is a formal method of submitting ideas
  • 40% of UK employees worry they don’t have the skills necessary for the future workplace

Sources: ITProPortal; The Global Recruiter.