Social media engagement

The average internet user spends two hours a day on social networks.

New figures from the Global Web Index (GWI) explore the latest trends in social media engagement.

GWI interviews 170,000 internet users around the world every year.  The new quarterly report explores how internet users are engagement with social media and explores trends.

Key findings

  • 70% of internet users are active on social media
  • This figure rises to over 80% in some fast-growth markets (Argentina, Mexico and Turkey)
  • If you exclude China 80% of internet users have a Facebook account
  • Membership of Pinterest and Tumblr have trebled since 2012
  • Average internet user spends nearly two hours a day on social networks
  • Facebook is the most actively used network – half of Facebook users visit the site several times a day
  • Facebook users are much more likely to hit 'like' than Google+ users are to hit +1.  Google+ users are less active
  • The average internet user has 5.5 accounts – and is active on three social platforms

Top activities on Facebook

  • Click the 'like' button (70%)
  • Comment on a friend's photo/video (55%)
  • Messaged a friend (55%)

Top activities on Twitter

  • Read news story (42%)
  • Look at trending topics (36%)
  • Logged in without posting (35%)

Top activities on Google+

  • Read article (45%)
  • Read news story (42%)
  • Clicked the +1 button (33%)

The report can be downloaded here