Smashing scientific authorship

Even if you know nothing about the topic of "Adjacent Cell Marker Lateral Spillover Compensation and Reinforcement for Multiplexed Images", this research article from Front. Immunol., 05 July 2021 | authored by Yunhao Bai1,2†, Bokai Zhu1,3†, Xavier Rovira-Clave1, Han Chen1, Maxim Markovic1, Chi Ngai Chan4, Tung-Hung Su1,5, David R. McIlwain1, Jacob D. Estes4, Leeat Keren1,6, Garry P. Nolan1*‡ and Sizun Jiang1,7*‡  will make you laugh if you ready only the note about author contributions:

Conception and design: SJ, YB, BZ. Sample preparation and collection of data: SJ, YB, BZ, and XR-C. Algorithm implementation: YB, BZ, and SJ. Analysis and interpretation of data: YB, BZ, SJ. Contribution of reagents and tools: HC, MM, CC, T-HS, DM, JE, and LK. Supervision: SJ and GN. Manuscript preparation: SJ, YB, BZ, and GN. The co-first authorship order was determined via the best of three rounds in Super Smash Bros. Both YB and BZ contributed equally and have the right to list their name first in their CV. All authors contributed to the article and approved the submitted version.