Reading habits around the world

A multinational survey asked about the reading habits of over 22,000 internet users in 17 countries.

Respondents were asked how often they read books.  The response options were:

  • Every day or most days
  • At least once a week
  • Once a month
  • Less often
  • Never

Headline findings

  • 60% of online population reads books either daily or at least once a week
  • China has the highest percentage of every day book readers (36%)
  • Spain and the UK are joint second to China, are joint second to China, with 32% of respondents claiming to read books every day
  • Netherlands and South Korea tie for the highest percentage who say they never read books
  • High income households more likely to read books frequently than low income
  • 32% of women surveyed claim to read books every day or most days; 27% of men say the same thing
  • The gender gap among those who read daily is widest in the Netherlands (30% of women vs 14% of men); Spain (40% of women vs 25% of men); Canada (36% of women vs 23% of men) and Germany (31% of women vs 19% of men)

The report provides three pages of data for each country included in the report. The countries included in the research:

Argentina; Australia; Belgium; Brazil; Canada; China; France; Germany; Italy; Japan; Mexico; Netherlands; Russia; South Korea; Spain; UK; USA.

The full White Paper can be downloaded from GfK