Parents and teenagers online

The latest Pew Internet Research report explores online privacy and parental concerns about what their teenagers are doing online.Key concerns for parents include:Online interaction with strangers

  • 72% of parents are concerned about how their teenagers are interacting online with strangers
  • 53% are ‘very concerned'
Reputation management and impact on future opportunities
  • 69% of parents are concerned about how online activity might impact their teenagers reputation and future employment or education opportunities
Information available to advertisers
  • 81% of parents of online teenagers express concern about the amount of information advertisers can learn from children's online presence.
  • 46% of them are ‘very concerned'.
The survey also records growing numbers of parents using social media themselves.  66% of parents of children between 12 and 17 are using social networking (up from 58% in 2011) and half of them are engaging directly with their children online. (The number of children blocking their parents is not discussed!)Media Mums in the UK - social super heroesResearch conducted by marketing experts Baby Centre Solutions looks at ‘Media Mum' and explores how her online behaviours are changing.  Amongst the most interesting findings are:
  • Becoming a mum is the most important catalyst for using the internet (94% said that pregnancy triggered them to search for information online)
  • While over 50% of those questioned reported they were reading fewer magazines and newspapers, 45% reported they were using the internet more since becoming a mum
  • Mums are early adopters - 72% own a smartphone
  • With less time 67% of mums say their ‘media time' is more focused
  • Mums spend 46 hours a month online - compared to 34 hours for the general population
  • Mums are 47% more likely to use social media than the general population
    • 64% are using social media while they are watching TV