New community resource: International Comparison of Recommended File Formats

The Open Preservation Foundation published, on 4 April 2022, a new resource that enables users to compare accepted and preferred file formats at a high level across different types of cultural and scientific institutions across the world.

Created by members at the National Archives of Estonia, and the National Archives of Denmark, the comparison of recommended file formats aims to inspire organisations that are getting started with, or are renewing their file format policy. It is not intended to be used alone as a policy. The current data was submitted by OPF member organisations or gathered from institutions that have published their policies openly online.

View the International Comparison of Recommended File Formats

Add your institution’s format policy

How to contribute

A new working group has been established to help guide the development of this resource and to collaborate on other issues related to file formats. There are several ways you can contribute. We invite you to:

  • Submit or update your institution’s file format policy 
  • Join the working group
  • Provide feedback on ways we can improve this resource or create new deliverables

Take a look at the working group page for more information or contact us with any questions. The first deadline for feedback is 30 September 2022.