Netflix: Who is watching what?

What are the most popular streamed programmes around the world?

The analysis of Netflix viewing habits in 91 countries around the world was carried out by

Netflix offers an enormous library of films and TV shows and has helped shape new cable-cutting, on-demand viewing habits. It is now also a content creator in its own right. Its subscriber base is continuing to grow.  Almost 5 million new subscribers joined the service in the first quarter of 2017.  There are now about 70 million subscribers, with 53% of those based in the United States. It is projected that overseas subscribers will outstrip US subscribers by 2018.

Key findings

  • The most watched show around the world is the BBC’s Sherlock.  The top five most popular programmes:
    • Sherlock
    • Friends
    • Narcos
    • House of Cards
    • New Girl
    • Switzerland has the most expensive subscription rates (followed by Denmark, Norway and Sweden); Columbia the lowest (followed by Brazil, Chile, Mexico)