Mobile internet predictions

Mobile predicted to account for 75% of internet use in 2017.

Mobile devices are already the primary means of accessing the internet across the world

As recently as 2012, mobile accounted for just 40% of internet use. By 2016 it has risen to 68%. A new report by Zenith (Mobile Advertising Forecasts) looks at mobile advertising and mobile technology in 60 countries.  It predicts that the rate will continue to grow, accounting for 75% in 2017 and 79% by 2018.

Mobile internet consumption 2016 - Spain, Hong Kong and China lead the way

Mobile internet accounts for the highest proportion of total internet use in Spain – the report estimates it will account for 85% of internet use this year.  Hong Kong comes second (79%); China is in third place (76%). The USA is fourth (74%).  Italy and India share fifth place (73%).  These positions are expected to have shifted by 2018 – Hong Kong and China will take over first and second places.

Smartphones drive mobile internet

In 2012 23% of people in the 60 markets researched had a smartphone; only 4% had a tablet. In 2016 smartphone penetration has reached 56% and is predicted to rise to 64% by 2018.  

Ireland has the highest smartphone penetration in 2016 (92%), followed by Singapore (91%), Spain (88%), Norway (86%) and South Korea (84%).  

The highest level of tablet penetration is in Singapore (at 75%), and the lowest is in China and Thailand (3%).

Mobile advertising will outstrip desktop advertising in 2017

  • By 2018 mobile advertising will account for 60% of all internet advertising
  • In 2018 mobile advertising expenditure will total US$134bn.

Source: Zenith.