Instant, mobile and social

The millennials' love of alternative messaging is driving social media growth.

Instant messaging and chat apps continue to grow and are becoming quasi social networks in their own right.”

According to We are social, WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger reported more than 100 million new monthly active users over the past 12 months.  The move is being driven by younger people looking for alternatives to ‘parent friendly’ platforms like Facebook. 

Jeff Bullas shares some statistics on his blog which highlight the power of the non-English language and ‘alternative’ social networks.  Snapchat has 100 million monthly users; Russia’s Vkontake has 100 million users; Wechat in China has nearly 470 million users.

The growth in the number of social networks can be challenging for organisations.  Where should they direct their social media attention?  And who should be driving social media programmes on their behalf? 

William Ward, of Hootsuite and Syracuse University challenges the default opinion that millennials are the natural choice when it comes to social media capability.   The habit of jumping between social tools – which may work well in a personal space – will not work for organisations.

Organisational social media strategies need to be calculated integrated and demonstrate a cohesive brand voice.  Ward suggests that millennials may need a little extra help and support in ensuring they understand appropriate business etiquette and learn how not to share TMI – too much information!

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