Global innovation: how Europe competes

A new study published by Thompson-Reuters places France as Europe's most innovative nation.

"Innovation is a driver of economic success - and patents are a proxy for innovation"

The Top 100 Global Innovators report showcases innovative companies as measured by the numbers of and quality of patents lodged in each country.  Patents are analysed using success metrics (how many are granted); how many are lodged globally and by citation to see how influential they have been. 

The Global 100

Eleven countries are represented in the Top 100, but Japan and the US account for 75% of the entire list.  The other nine countries are: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Companies and organisations listed in the top 100 include: Amazon; Apple; CNRS(The French National Centre for Scientific Research); Intel; Philips; Roche and Symantec.

Innovative Europe

Europe increased its overall share in the Top 100, up 2% to 20%.  France has ten companies in the top 100, giving it a 3% share increase this year.  Germany has remained consistent (four companies in the top 100) and Switzerland has three companies represented.  The Netherlands and Sweden have one company each.

The UK however is not represented on the list.  According to Thompson-Reuters the UK’s investment in R&D as a proportion of GDP currently stands at only 1.63% (compared with 3.47% in Japan; 2.85% in Germany and 2.23% in France.

The full report can be downloaded via Thomson Reuters.