Entertainment and media trends

Consultants describe a mature industry with slowing growth prospects.

PwC has published its latest annual study of the world’s media and entertainment sectors.  The full report is behind a paywall, but top level findings have been made available

Youth population size is important for growth

Growth in E&M spending is more influenced by the age of a country’s population than by its comparative wealth.

Countries with large populations under 35 are faster growers than countries with larger, older populations.  For example, in Pakistan70% of the population is under 35 and growth in Entertainment and Media spending is expected to grow at 10% for the next five years.  This contrasts starkly with Germany and Japan.  Both countries are much wealthier than Pakistan but a smaller proportion of the population is under 35 and Entertainment and Media spending (E&M) is to grow at a much slower rate. 

Developing markets are where it’s at

In many of the developing markets analysed, E&M spending is growing much more quickly than the economy as a whole.  Argentina, Indonesia and Venezuela are singled out in particular.

Established markets remain important

North America will continue to be home to the largest market for TV revenues.  Streaming service and subscription revenues will represent one third of the global totals.  China will see the strongest revenue growth.

China at the box office and some other tipping points

15 new cinema screens are opened every day in China!

  • In 2017 China is expected to outstrip the USA when it comes to box office revenues.
  • In 2016, China, Denmark and the UK will be the first countries where total digital advertising revenues will outstrip traditional revenues.
  • In 2016 global internet advertising revenue will outstrip TV advertising.

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