Doing a digital detox

Susan Maushart withdrew digital media from her home (and her three teenagers) for six months and wrote a book about it.  The gloriously entitled Winter of our Disconnect was published at the beginning of 2011 - and received much media coverage.  It was featured on BBC Radio 4 and the author was interviewed and featured in many broadsheet papers in the UK and around the world.  Meanwhile, an experiment was featured on a BBC TV programme.  A family of six were taken back to the 1970s to experience the changes that technological developments made on family life.News now from the US.  The Marriott Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is offering a weekend break from the ‘always-on' lifestyle.  Guests checking in must hand over their digital devices.  The rooms have no televisions, telephones or docking stations, but they do have a supply of literary classics.Sounds fantastic.