Digital natives love libraries!

America's ‘digital natives' are fans of digital content and traditional media.The latest research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 16-29 year olds are heavy users of technology but they are also more likely than older adults to have read a print book in the last year.  They are also great supporters of libraries, appreciating both ‘traditional' library services and expressing intense interest in new services.  They also appreciate and use the library as a ‘space'.Digital natives and libraries

  • 75% say it is ‘very important' for libraries to offer books for people to borrow
  • 44% of library visitors under age 30 have used a library's computers, internet or wi-fi connections (compared to 27% of those aged 30 and older)
  • When it came to expressing what it is very important for libraries to offer, ‘librarians' came top of the list (80%)
  • 76% said it was very important that libraries offer research resources such as free databases
  • 75% say free access to computers and the internet is very important
  • 71% say it is very important for libraries to offer job or career resources
  • Younger adults are more likely than older patrons to use libraries' computer and internet connections, access library websites, and use a library's research databases.
Interest in the newRespondents to the survey also expressed interest in new ways of engaging with libraries and their holdings.
  • 67% said they would be interested in a digital media lab to create and upload new digital content
  • They express an interest in apps and other digital engagement points for their libraries and the information resources they provide.
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