Connected Europe - the latest consumer figures

Forrester has released a European edition of its US consumers and technology benchmark report.  The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2012, Europe explores changes in consumer behaviour in the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).Key findings

  • Almost 75% of European adults go online at least once a month
  • Over half of them own two or more connected devices
  • 22% report they are online when they are outdoors
  • 14% are online in their cars
  • 58% of online Europeans have a Facebook account
National differencesOf the five countries studied, the UK has the highest percentage (83%) of consumers going online regularly and also has the highest average online shopping spend (10% have used a shopping app in the last month).  52% own a smartphone and 12% own a tablet device and 18% of them have a Twitter accountGermany has the largest online audience in Europe (over 46 million online consumer), with just under three-quarters ordering services or products online in the last three months.  Only 5% have a Twitter accountIn France consumers are the least likely to own multiple connected devices and the least likely to own a tablet (7%), smartphone (42%) or other connected device.  7% have a Twitter accountIn Italy 58% of adults go online each month.In Spain 69% of adults go online monthlyAlthough the online populations are smaller in Italy and Spain, they are relatively active.  Two thirds of online consumers in each country have a Facebook account and they are more likely to be ‘creators' or ‘critics' of content rather than passive participants.The full report is available from Forrester.