Collaborating to ensure cybersecurity

Earlier this year the European Commission published its Cybersecurity Strategy.The document called for the development of a platform to bring public and private sector stakeholders together so they could share good practice and develop secure ICT solutions.At about the same time in the US, President Obama published an executive order which also focused on the importance of protecting infrastructure from cyberattacks.Both initiatives reflect the invaluable contribution that the digital economy makes to society and the economy and the importance of protecting sites and services from malicious cyberattacks.  Organisations and nations need to manage and mitigate cyber risk and there is much to be gained from stakeholders sharing experience and information about potential threats, vulnerabilities and solutions.Writing for Harvard Business Review, Harry D. Raduege, Jr.writes writes about the importance of bringing together leaders from all sectors to learn and share.  In particular, he believes they should focus on:

  • Understanding the problem - what are the key issues and threats facing your organisation?
  • Making one person accountable - a leader in your organisation should be identified as designated to look after all cyber/digital issues
  • Coordinating efforts - not just within your own organisation, but also up and down your supply and value chain
  • Communicating - not just within supply chains but beyond with government agencies; professional bodies and regulators
Meanwhile, the UK's National Audit Office has expressed concern about a skills shortfall in information security.  Responding to the report, Marisa Viveros writing for Harvard Business Review agrees that holistic and collaborative measures are called for, mirroring the interdisciplinary approaches of academia.Above all, education about cybersecurity and IT issues is "one of the best investments a company can make".More information on the EU's cybersecurity plan can be found here.[Follow Val Skelton on Google+]