Challenges faced by marketing sound familiar

IBM has just published its 2011 Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 2011 report (called From Stretched to Strengthened).  Over 1700 senior marketing staff in 64 countries were interviewed about the transformations and challenges they and their businesses are currently facing.The CMOs identified four big ‘game changers'

  • data explosion
  • social media
  • proliferation of devices and channels
  • consumer demographics
They also identified key areas for focus and development, including understanding customers and delivering value to them; creating lasting relationships; and the necessity for measuring ROI.  This focus on ROI reflects a move from marketing being seen as a ‘cost centre' to focusing on customer centric initiatives.   In fact, it's all sounding rather familiar.The report synthesises the wisdom of the respondents to suggest nine strategic imperatives.  These too are relevant to information professionals.  These include:
  • focus on creating value to customers as individuals
  • capitalise on new digital channels to stimulate customer conversations
  • use advanced analytics and compelling metrics to improve decision making and demonstrate accountability
It seems there are opportunities for information professionals to help senior marketing colleagues understand the potential impact and deliver the benefits of social media and to support them as they attempt to meet the challenges of data explosion and analysis.