Books and reading for all

A round up of initatives to encourage a love of reading and books.

The BBC's multi-channel reading programme (Love to Read) is just one of several current initiatives designed to encourage a love of reading and books.

A National Law of Reading

In the United Arab Emirates a new National Law of Reading has been designed to set up legislative frameworks to encourage reading across the country. This includes the scrapping of taxes on book printing and publishing; encouraging investment in libraries and cultural centres, and requiring schools to develop plans to encourage reading.  In addition, cafes in will be required to provide reading material; books must be re-used and donated rather than destroyed and media outlets will be asked to create programmes that encourage reading.

Amazon app for children

Amazon has launched a new app called Amazon Rapids designed to help youngsters develop a love of reading and stories. Rapid stories use avatars, dialogue and artwork to present stories that last between five and ten minutes. The format reflects the ways that young people use texts to communicate.  The aim is to encourage children to look forward to reading rather than focusing on the mechanics of learning to read.

Underground books

An initiative promoted by actor Emma Watson has been leaving books on the underground for passengers to find, read and pass on. Books on the Underground has a wonderful Tumblr account showing books left for lucky commuters to find. 

Additional source: The Bookseller.