Are you really working? Or are you re-working?

Knowledge workers rarely do unique work. In fact they spend most of their time engaged in ‘re-work' due to the difficulty of re-using pre-existing knowledge.

According to a survey of knowledge workers and knowledge management practitioners by Coveo Research, 58% of respondents were doing new work less than 25% of their time.  KM practitioners and knowledge workers both report challenges in accessing existing knowledge in their organisations. Rework wastes time, frustrates employees and can create employee disengagement.

Key findings

Employees are wasting time in the search for existing knowledge/information and wasting more time in re-creating content that they can’t find.

  • Only 7% of respondents report they are carrying out unique work more than 75% of the time
  • Fewer than 30%  report they can find and re-use the information they need most of the time
  • KM practitioners recognise the difficulties faced by knowledge worker colleagues in finding existing work

Significantly knowledge workers understand the potential impact to their organisations of access to personalised information at the point of need.

  • 41% of knowledge practitioners believe improved access to information would increase organisational sales by more than 25%
  • 70% of knowledge practitioners believe improved access to past knowledge would result in a more than 25% improvement in innovation
  • 85% of knowledge practitioners cite a direct link between better access to prior knowledge and organisational profitability

Improved knowledge access and findability would increase productivity, innovation and profitability.

You can download the full report from Coveo.

Research originally spotted by @AllanFoster48 (Business Information Review).