10 best intranets of 2012 named

User experience and usability experts the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) have named their choice of the '10 Best Intranets of 2012'. Among the winners are UK based companies Everything Everywhere and Logica, MAN Diesel and Turbo SE from Germany, and Sweden's Skanska. Other winners include Genentech, NCR, LivePerson and Staples.According to NNG, smaller companies are designing better intranets compared to previous years - of this year's 10 winning intranets, 6 support fewer than 15,000 employees, with the smallest being LivePerson at 550. The average number of employees in this year's winning organisations is 19,700, which is the smallest since the contest launched 12 years ago.The size of the average intranet team size grew to 15 people — slightly less than 1 intranet specialist per thousand employees, with the smallest teams consisting of 6 people at both Everything Everywhere (15,000 employees) and LivePerson Inc. (550 employees). The largest team was 26 people at NCR Corporation (21,000 employees).Although mobile intranets have looked promising in recent years, this year saw a decline in the number of intranets offering mobile versions - possibly because teams do not have the time or resources to do more than focus on the main intranet. At the same time, social media components seem to have really taken off with a number of organisations such as MAN Diesel and Turbo making the most of the social potential of people search functionality within their intranets.More information can be found here.