eGovernment services in Europe

The European Commission has published its latest benchmarking report on the digital transformation of European eGovernment services.

Over 10,000 websites across the EU28+ countries were evaluated. Mystery shoppers focused on accessing information about four key life events (starting a business; losing/finding a job/studying/ family life).

The study finds that Europe is continuing to mature in eGovernment services. Three in five European public services are already online and 54% of these are mobile ready.  Denmark, Estonia, Malta, Norway and Sweden are the top five performing countries when measured for four factors: user centricity; transparency; cross border mobility and ‘key enablers’ (the technical pre-conditions required for e-service provision).

The report concludes that a focus on greater transparency and investing in key digital enablers (such as electronic identification) are crucial to ensure e Government is strengthened across Europe.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Additional information: Information Age.