cloudLibrary is now part of OCLC

OCLC acquires digital content provider from Bibliotheca to meet the needs of public library communities,

OCLC acquired cloudLibrary, a platform that offers access to a wide variety of digital content through libraries, on 2 April 2024. The acquisition will help OCLC support public libraries in their efforts to successfully manage accelerated shifts to digital collections.

Nearly 500 libraries in 20 countries rely on cloudLibrary to provide access to a rich collection of digital content including millions of ebooks and audio books as well as tens of thousands of magazines, digital newspapers, digital comics, and streaming media services in more than 50 languages. Libraries make these collections available to their communities through cloudLibrary’s top-rated mobile app while a web portal makes it easy for library staff to manage their subscriptions. A standalone service, cloudLibrary also integrates with Bibliotheca’s self-service solutions to provide recommendations and digital checkout within the physical checkout experience. 

Libraries subscribe to their own collection of materials through the cloudLibrary platform. They can also choose to become part of a cloudLink group within a state or consortium.

Skip Prichard, OCLC President and CEO, sees the acquisition as benefiting cloudLibrary through OCLC’s technology infrastructure and its ability to expand the service to its network of public libraries.

OCLC acquired the assets of the Digital Solutions Group of Bibliotheca, based near St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

For more information, please access the official communication from OCLC.