While you were working 16 May 2017

A summary of some of the news you may have missed including: Wolfram Data Repository announced; Wikipedia and OCLC collaborate; Springer Nature ORCID initiatives; accreditation of CILIP's first Arabic course; LBF Virtual Conference.

Wolfram Data Repository launched

Computational technology company Wolfram have announced the launch of the Wolfram Data Repository. In a blog post, founder Stephen Wolfram explains that the new service builds on the Wolfram Language, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram cloud “to make data as broadly usable and computable as possible.”

According to Wolfram, the goal is for someone to prepare data they understand well for the Wolfram Data Repository in as little as 30 minutes. The repository will be a public resource but the company will also be rolling out private repositories that can be run in Enterprise Private Clouds.


New collaboration between Wikimedia Library and OCLC

A new partnership between the Wikimedia Foudation’s Wikipedia Library Programme and OCLC allows Wikipedia editors to generate citations via WorldCat.

The WorldCat database will be integrated into Wikimedia’s cite tool so that an editor can type in an ISBN and get back a Wikipedia-ready book citation, including authors, titles, and publishers.


Publons Academy launched to speed up scholarly communication

Peer review services company Publons has launched the Publons Academy, a free, practical peer review training course which the company says aims to speed up scholarly communication and improve researcher development.

The online course consists of ten modules and will enable new academics to master the core competencies of peer review, and to connect with editors in their field. Participants will learn the critical stages of peer review, and can practice writing actual reviews of papers published in their field. Their chosen supervisor mentors them through the course and endorses their skills upon completion.

Almost 1,000 academics have already pre-enrolled to start the course.


Springer Nature announces ORCID initiatives

Springer Nature has announced two initiatives in support of ORCID identifiers.

The publisher is running a trial that will mandate ORCID identifiers for corresponding authors publishing in more than forty Springer Nature journals, including Nature Research, Springer and BioMed Central. The trial will last for six months and researchers’ perceptions will be evaluated at the end of that period.

In addition, Springer will become the first publisher to include ORCID identifiers in proceedings papers.


CILIP’s first Arabic course accredited at Kuwait’s national College of Basic Education

The new Bachelor of Arts in Information and Library Science at the College of Basic Education, Kuwait, has gained CILIP accreditation.

The course provides preparation for those entering the library, information and knowledge management profession and is the first Arabic programme to be accredited by CILIP.

The College of Basic Education is part of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) - an academic institute in Kuwait comprising four colleges and six training institutes. It is the third CILIP accredited learning provider in the Middle East, alongside UCL Qatar and Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.


London Book Fair and Nielsen Book announce virtual conference: Publishing Around the Globe

The third edition of the London Book Fair’s virtual conference ‘Publishing Around the Globe’ will take place on 1 June 2017. Through a series of social media events, the conference will explore key trends in nine selected global publishing markets.

The countries spotlighted are China, Indonesia, Singapore, Poland, India, UK, South Africa, Sweden and the USA and the conference is free to attend.