While you were working: 10 October 2017

ProQuest Dissertations in Google Scholar; CUP ebooks and journals in Yewno Discover; co-publishing agreement for Springer and Graz University Press.

ProQuest Dissertations discoverable in Google Scholar

ProQuest and Google are expanding their collaboration by indexing almost half a million full text dissertations from the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. The two organisations began partnering in 2015 with the indexing of millions of scholarly articles in Google Scholar.

Linking and access to the dissertations from Google Scholar is automatic and requires no intervention by the library. An authenticated ProQuest dissertations user searching Google Scholar will be recognized by the ProQuest platform and connect to the full text in their library’s collection. Users who are not recognised are sent to a landing page where they can purchase the dissertation or access the first 24 pages at no charge. Dissertations that have been published using the ProQuest Open Access publishing model are available to all users for free.


Cambridge University Press journals and ebooks included in Yewno Discover

Cambridge University Press and Yewno have announced that over 1.5 million CUP journal articles and 44,000 eBooks will now be included in Yewno Discover, the visual knowledge discovery platform aimed at students and researchers.

Yewno Discover extracts concepts from the full text of academic content provided, and then maps over 600 million semantic connections which link to over 120 million articles, books, and database assets.


New co-publishing agreement for Springer and Graz University Press

Springer and Graz University Press have agreed to publish co-branded books in English. The agreement encompasses research monographs, edited volumes, conference proceedings, textbooks and encyclopedias in all major disciplines covered by Springer Nature.