While you were working 10 April 2017

A summary of some of the news you may have missed including: free content to combat fake news; JSTOR Sustainability; CLIR and Jisc set up transatlantic partnership; SAGE and University of Bath launch Public Data Lab; New Oxford Shakespeare Authorship Companion available online.

De Gruyter and university presses help combat fake news with freely available topical content

De Gruyter and a number of university presses have teamed up to combat false news sources by offering free access to books and journal articles across nine topical areas, including immigration policy, climate change and human rights. The content will be freely available until the end of 2017 on degruyter.com. 

The company says that broadening access to these areas of scholarship will enable more people, including non-academics, to address the issues in an informed manner, to reflect on the nature of truth and ethics, and to understand the struggles of all members of society.

"De Gruyter and its partners are keen to support a thoughtful and informed debate on these sensitive and serious issues," said Steve Fallon, Director Publishing Partner Program.

The subjects areas included are  Constitutional History, Dissent, Truth and Ethics, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Geopolitics, Human Rights, Immigration and  Urbanism, and Islamic Studies.

The content includes more than 500 books and selected journal articles from Columbia University Press, Cornell University Press, Harvard University Press, Princeton University Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, Transcript-Verlag and De Gruyter and the content can be accessed here: https://www.degruyter.com/page/1419

JSTOR collaborates to advance environmental research

JSTOR, the not-for-profit digital library, has released JSTOR Sustainability, a new online resource that brings together journals, policy research and books on the topic of environmental sustainability and resilience along with a set of tools to enable the exploration of topics relevant to economists, scientists, and urban planners.

The initiative has almost 100 content partners, including the American Meteorological Society, the International Association for Energy Economics, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Centre for European Policy Studies. Topics covered include agricultural economics, green energy, climatology and sustainable business practices.  http://about.jstor.org/news/new-jstor-resource-and-collaboration-advance-environmental-research

CLIR and Jisc partner to boost support for transatlantic academic research communities

The Council on Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR) and Jisc have announced a partnership which aims to advance programmes for academic communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

The two organisations will explore transnational collaboration on the development of digital libraries and research data repositories. The partnership will also focus on the professional development needs of their sectors, and shared services that could reduce costs, create greater efficiencies and better serve the academic research community.


SAGE Publishing partners with University of Bath to launch Public Data Lab

SAGE Publishing has partnered with the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath to establish a Public Data Lab which will facilitate social science research, teaching and public engagement activities around the future of the data society.

The lab will establish an international, interdisciplinary network of researchers, practitioners and organisations to develop and disseminate research, teaching, design and participation formats for the creation and use of public data. The Lab will support experimentation around the use of digital public data to serve social research, policymaking, advocacy, journalism and public participation on a variety of topics such as  climate change, migration and automation.

More about the Public Data Lab can be found at: http://publicdatalab.org

The New Oxford Shakespeare: Authorship Companion now available

Oxford University Press has announced that The New Oxford Shakespeare: Authorship Companion is now available on Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.

The Companion combines an overview of existing expertise on Shakespeare's canon, together with new research around problems that continue to divide experts, and an extensive account of how this work led to the decisions about authorship and chronology that shape The New Oxford Shakespeare.