What are the world’s best government research institutions?

Government agencies conduct long-term and expensive R&D that private companies find hard to justify.

Reuters has published its list of the top 25 innovative government research institutions.  The list identifies the publicly funded institutions that doing the most to advance science and technology based on a range of data, including patent filings and research data citations.

The top ten

  1. Health and Human Services Laboratories, USA
  2. Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, France
  3. Fraunhofer Society (Germany)
  4. Japan Science and Technology Agency (Japan)
  5. National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)
  6. Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  7. Medical Research Council (UK)
  8. National Center for Scientific Research (France)
  9. French Institute of Health and Medical Research (France)
  10. Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore)

The other countries represented in the top 25 are Australia, Canada, China and Spain

Source: Reuters