Videos of research seminars offered on the Cassyni platform are now integrated into Dimensions and

This latest strategic collaboration with Dimensions—it already has an integration with EndNote—increases the discoverability of research seminars and further connects them to the scholarly ecosystem.

Going forward, Cassyni seminars will be indexed in the Dimensions dataset. The inclusion of Cassyni's semantic video knowledge within the Dimensions' platform unlocks the potential to use research video for benchmarking, analytics and evaluation, significantly increasing its utility and relevance in the scholarly context.

Within Dimensions, users will be able to find Cassyni seminars using a new publication type filter. All seminars will have a complete detail page with associated metadata. As the partnership develops, Cassyni's enhanced video player will be embedded on the page allowing Dimensions users to watch seminars from within the platform, search the video and navigate slides.

The integration adds diversity to Dimensions, expanding upon the important role seminars play in the research lifecycle and shows the value of common infrastructures such as Crossref DOIs.

Read the full press release here  or here., a search engine for academic papers, also now indexes all of Cassyni’s seminars, and displays Cassyni’s state-of-the-art video player on seminar pages. In the coming weeks will also roll out Cassyni’s recommendation engine, displaying related seminars under research papers. To see an example, you can take a look at this seminar.