Unearthing treasures in libraries

Two recent discoveries in UK libraries.

Medieval King Arthur text

Fragments of Arthurian legend dating from the 13th century have been discovered in Bristol Central Library.  The fragments were found in the binding of a later book dating from between 1495-1502. 

The text is written in Old French and is believed to date from between 1250 – 1270. They tell the story of the Battle of Trèbes, in which Merlin leads a charge into battle with a fire-breathing magical banner.

The discovery was made by librarian Michael Robinson, who was searching for examples of vellum recycling practices.

Source: Atlas Obscura. 

Original notes for Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The London Library has discovered detailed notes made by Bram Stoker as he researched his book Dracula. He lists the books he used to help him create his vivid gothic classic work. The notes are being used as the basis of a new play, which will be performed in the London Library.

Source: BBC.