USA: attitudes to risk of cyberattack

Many Americans do not feel they are at risk from cyberattacks.

Awareness of hacking has risen mainly because of high profile corporate data breaches, yet a survey conducted by ReportLinker found that 55% of participants feel personally safe from hackers.  One reason for this is that individuals feel that hackers will mostly target government or corporations rather than individuals. 

Key findings

  • 39% of respondents feel somewhat safe from the risk of cyberattack
  • 16% feel very safe
  • 45% of respondents feel unsafe
  • Google Drive is used by 30% of respondents; Apple iCloud by 25%. 27% report they don’t use any file sharing service
  • 42% of respondents do not use encryption or privacy tools
  • Strong passwords and locking a smartphone are the most popular methods chosen to stay safe online

Source: ReportLinker