USA: Social media use

Facebook and YouTube continue to dominate the landscape.

The latest Pew Research Center survey of adult social media use has been published. The last survey was carried out in April 2016. The research asked about usage of the five major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube) and other tools including LinkedIn.

Key findings

  • 68% of all adults use Facebook – three quarters of those access it every day
  • 72% of all adults use YouTube
  • The biggest growth was experienced by Instagram. 35% of all adults now use the platform
  • Snapchat is much more popular with younger people. 78% of 18- 24-year-olds use Snapchat
  • Americans aged 18-24 are much more likely to use platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter 
  • Pinterest is much more popular with women than men
  • LinkedIn is much more popular with college graduates than other demographics

You can read more about the research and its findings here.