UK: school library campaign to gather comprehensive data

Data and evidence required to advocate for school libraries.

Earlier this year the (UK) School Library Association (SLA) and CILIP School Libraries Group (SLG) launched the Great School Libraries Campaign.

As part of the campaign the School Library Data Group was established to gather data about the provision of school libraries across the UK. For the next three years an independent researcher will carry out a major survey of school libraries, measuring and tracking the provision in schools.

The campaigners are also asking schools to compile a case study every time their libraries have a positive impact on pupils.

During the first year the group will talk to schools and librarians, and then in years two and three take their findings to decision-makers, including the Department for Education.

The campaign hopes to create a national framework for school libraries and to bring libraries into the Ofsted assessment framework.

Source: The Bookseller.