UK information workforce survey

A survey of the UK's library, archives, records, IM and KM workforce highlights gender and diversity gaps.

The UK’s Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) (ARA) have revealed the results of a survey of the UK’s information sector workforce. 

The survey estimates that approximately 86,000 people work in the UK’s information sectors.

Other key findings

  • 78% of the workforce is female – but men are nearly twice as likely to hold senior management roles
  • The workforce has lower ethnic diversity than the national UK Labour Force Survey statistic, with 96.7% of workers identifying as white
  • The sector is ageing – 55% of all workers are 45-to-55
  • The workforce is highly qualified – but not particularly well paid.

You can read more about the survey, and its findings, here.