UK: Society of Authors launches prize for quirky illustration

How quirky, you may ask. Well, the prize is called The Queen's Knickers Award.

The Society of Authors has launched a prize for 'quirky' illustrated books aimed at children aged 0-7.  The Queen’s Knickers Award will "recognise books that strike a quirky, new note and grab the attention of a child, whether in the form of curiosity, amusement, horror or excitement."

The Award has been funded and named by author/illustrator Nicholas Allan who wrote the book The Queen’s Knickers.  The author stated:

"I want to encourage authors and illustrators to take more risks and have more fun. The name of the award reflects how I felt when I began writing the book from which the name is taken. I started it purely for fun, without any sense of plot, moral, purpose – in fact, without sense, and maintained it to the end.”

Entries can contain a combination of words and pictures or just pictures and can be any format, including pop-ups, flap books and board books.

The closing date for entries is 15th November 2019.

The Society of Authors.