UK: London libraries lead literary initiative

City of Stories and Spread the Word hope to inspire Londoners.

20 London libraries, authors and a writers’ agency are collaborating inspire Londoners to share their stories.

The initiative sees writers taking up residencies in London libraries to write stories and to encourage others to do so.  According to one of the participating authors:

Libraries are the lifeblood of literature. Without them, many of our well-loved authors might have struggled to become writers at all, or at least found things a great deal tougher. They're our beacons in a misty world, particularly in cities where stories are plentiful, but distractions equally numerous. With Spread the Word we can continue to find the meaningful, necessary stories that beg to be told, and work with the many talented writers who are determined to tell them. This will be a very exciting residency for all involved.

For more information on the project, see the website.