UK: Jisc announces OA deals with smaller society publishers

Five UK-based society publishers have signed pilot transitional OA agreements courtesy of Jisc.

The agreements are the first to result from work undertaken by Jisc Collections, in which smaller publishers are offered a sustainable transition to OA.

These read and publish two-year pilots allow 100% of UK scholarly output to be published OA in the societies’ hybrid journals, with some including fully OA titles in the fixed-price deals.

The five societies are:

The Charity Open Access Fund (COAF), a partnership between six health research charities, including the Wellcome Trust, invested £1.3m in OA publishing fees (APCs) with UK-based self-publishing learned societies between 2016 and 2018. These five publishers account for just under a third of this investment.
Through these agreements, the sector transitions away from hundreds of individual APC payments to a fixed annual payment between the institution and the publisher, significantly reducing the administrative burden on researchers, institutions, funders and publishers.

Source and further information via Jisc.