Thousands of books removed from public libraries in Turkey

IFLA releases public statement denouncing removal and destruction of books.

IFLA has released a statement, stating that the removal and destruction of books is to be regretted. The statement goes on to say:

“…decisions on the selection and availability of library materials and services should be governed by professional considerations and not by political, moral and religious views. Such broad and indiscriminate withdrawals of books from libraries risks challenging the principle that the right of freedom of access to information should be guaranteed in all but the most extreme circumstances. 

IFLA also regrets the exclusion and destitution of librarians working at those establishments of higher education which have been closed. Preventing skilled information professionals from doing their jobs can only impoverish society as a whole, as they are unable to fulfil their mission to meet the human need – and right – to share information.”

You can read more about the IFLA statement here.