The high cost of cybercrime

Survey suggests half of all UK crimes are cybercrimes.

The latest figures from Get Safe Online suggest that cybercrime has cost the UK just under £11bn in the past year.  That is the equivalent of £210 per person over the age of 16.

Yet even this figure is likely to be an underestimate, as it only takes into account crimes that have been reported by victims.

Ransomware is being targeted at individuals and not just companies. Get Safe Online is calling on individuals to monitor their online safety as a part of their everyday routines.  This includes using a variety of strong passwords rather than replicating passwords across different websites and ensuring the latest security updates have been installed on their devices.

Panda security’s latest report has revealed that it has identified 18 million new malware samples in the last quarter alone.  This approximates to 200,000 per day.  Ransomware in particular is growing – and is being targeted at businesses and individuals.

Additional source: ITProPortal