The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and OpenCorporates expand partnership to increase legal-entity transparency in global markets

LEI-mapping capability enhanced as LEI Data links to corresponding records in OpenCorporates database

Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are now linked with corresponding records in the OpenCorporates global database thanks to a partnership between the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and OpenCorporates.

Both organizations are focused on ensuring that open and reliable entity reference data is publicly available to promote transparency, increase trust in the business environment and reduce the cost of customer and third-party management. Open, public, high quality and electronically accessible company data is critical to address the hidden risks in financial markets and global supply chains, as well as tackling money laundering and the criminal use of companies, particularly as business operations become more automated. Benefits of the collaboration include extended information about businesses, streamlined data management, more effective and efficient risk analysis, and easy integration of wider datasets.

GLEIF will publish open-source relationship files bi-weekly, in a CSV format, which will map LEIs to their corresponding records in OpenCorporates’ database. Mapped data will also be incorporated into the LEI Search and GLEIF API at a later stage. More than 50 percent of the global LEI population is now linked to the OpenCorporates database (given not all legal entities with LEIs are officially registered – e.g. funds).

In addition to providing OpenCorporates to LEI mapping, GLEIF has also certified mapping relationships between S&P Global’s Company ID, SWIFT’s Market Identifier Code (MIC) and Business Identifier Code (BIC), and the Association of National Numbering Agencies’ (ANNA) International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN).

GLEIF encourages further engagement with its Certification of LEI Mapping service, which is available to interested data vendors and other organizations free of charge. GLEIF is already working with its Vendor Relationship Stakeholder Group to advance its mapping program objectives.