The Frontier Model Forum espouses safe and responsible development of AI models

Responding to growing call for regulation of AI technologies, Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI formed the Frontier Model Forum 

The Frontier Model Forum is an industry body established to promote the safe and responsible development of AI models.

The core objectives for the Forum are:

  1. Advancing AI safety research to promote responsible development of frontier models, minimize risks, and enable independent, standardized evaluations of capabilities and safety.
  2. Identifying best practices for the responsible development and deployment of frontier models, helping the public understand the nature, capabilities, limitations, and impact of the technology.
  3. Collaborating with policymakers, academics, civil society and companies to share knowledge about trust and safety risks.
  4. Supporting efforts to develop applications that can help meet society’s greatest challenges, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, early cancer detection and prevention, and combating cyber threats.”

Working with governments, the Frontier Model Forum recognizes that guardrails are necessary, given the immense potential of AI for both good and evil. It plans to identify best practices for safety standards and safety practices, advance AI safety research (with a “public library” (!) of technical evaluations and benchmarks, and facilitate information and knowledge sharing among companies and governments.