The Digital Preservation Coalition launches new Australasia office

DPC aims to support and enable institutions at all stages of maturity in the digital preservation journey.

The new office in Melbourne, Australia will enable improved access to the Coalition’s programme of activities for members and digital preservation practitioners across the southern hemisphere.

The DPC will also support, represent and amplify the work of the existing digital preservation community in Australasia, helping them share their activities with the rest of the DPC.  It will also provide face-to-face events for its members in Australasia, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange between members in the region through briefing days, working groups and task forces.

Members in the region will join the DPC's new Stakeholder Group, formed as part of its governance structure with the opening of the Office in Melbourne. This Stakeholder Group will ensure that Members in Australia, New Zealand and surrounding areas inform the development of the DPC’s program and have input to the broader strategic direction of the Coalition.

The not-for-profit DPC is an international advocate for digital preservation, helping members around the world to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services through community engagement, targeted advocacy work, training and workforce development, capacity building, good practice and standards, and through good management and governance.

Source: Digital Preservation Coalition.