The Company of Biologists introduces The Forest of Biologists, a bio-positive publishing initiative

The Company of Biologists will be planting a tree for each Research Article and Review article published in its five journals, as well as preserving ancient woodland to recognise the important work of all peer reviewers.

The Forest of Biologists is a living and growing forest that has been created as part of a new biodiversity initiative that celebrates the contributions of authors and peer reviewers to the journals of The Company of Biologists.  For each published Research Article or Review article, a tree is planted in a UK forest.  The Company is also funding the restoration and preservation of ancient woodland and dedicating these trees to its peer reviewers.  All these trees are also represented together in a virtual forest. For every new piece of research, the forest grows.

The Company of Biologists acknowledges that as it aims to make a positive difference, it’s important that actions are directed and evaluated by science. The Company has therefore chosen to work with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity focusing on the role that trees and woods play in tackling the threats of climate change and nature loss.