Tablet trends in the US

Price and availability of apps are the most important concerns in tablet purchasing decisions.

Com.score has launched TabLens - a monthly report based on a three-month rolling sample of 6,000 tablet owners in the US.

Key findings in the first report:

  • The most important purchase decision factors were Price and Apps, followed by Brand and Operating System, and Video/Music capabilities.
  • However there were differences between iPad and Kindle Fire owners. For the iPad owner, selection of apps was most important, while Kindle Fire owners put a greater weight on price.
  • Consumers don't consider having the same operating system on their tablets and smartphones.
  • The iPad skews male (52.9 percent), younger (44.5 percent under the age of 35) and wealthier
  • The Kindle Fire skews female (56.6 percent)
  • High level of satisfaction across all devices. iPad owners have the highest level of satisfaction