Sweden: internet usage

Latest figures show growth in Sweden's silver surfers.

The latest figures from Sweden’s Internet Infrastructure Foundation show that approximately 91% of the Swedish population now has access to the web.  Much of the growth is down to an increase in 'silver surfers'. People retiring from work want to continue accessing the web.  The report shows that half of the country's pensioners up to the age of 75 are using the internet on a daily basis.  However, internet use and access for the over-75s is much lower and about one million Swedes have no internet access at home.

Other interesting figures from the report show:

  • 53% of the population has access to a tablet device
  • Instagram usage has doubled in the last year - 28% of the population now  has an account
  • Instagram is particularly popular with girls and young women (62% of girls aged 12-15 use Instagram on a daily basis)
  • 95% of those aged 16-25 use Facebook and 81% use it on a daily basis
  • Twitter use has hardly increased over the last 12 months – only 6% of those surveyed use it daily. 
  • Women are more active on social media than men

Sources: The Local Sweden; Internet Infrastructure Foundation (Sweden).