Survey reveals need for guidance about trustworthy places to publish research

Finding an appropriate and trustworthy journal to publish in is a challenge for many researchers around the world.

A survey carried out by the Think. Check. Submit. initiative has revealed a strong demand by researchers and librarians for guidance about where to publish research.

Over 400 respondents from around the world responded to the survey.  The initial findings point to some clear trends:

  • The decision on where to publish is complex. The top reason given by respondents for selecting a journal to publish in was relevance to their field.  The second most popular reason was inclusion in indexes/impact factor.
  • A belief that the journal was trustworthy came third and was the top choice for just over 20% of respondents.

Further analysis of the responses will be ongoing in 2019.

Think. Check. Submit. is an international cross-sector initiative designed to educate researchers, promote integrity and build trust in credible research publications. Central to the initiative is a checklist based on best practices in scholarly communication. The widely used checklist is available in nearly 40 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese.

The survey findings show high levels of support for the Think. Check. Submit. initiative. However the survey also found that 34% of respondents had previously been unaware of the initiative.

Initial source: ThinkCheckSubmit