Springer launches realtime analytics tool

New tool provides insight into science topic usage and trends

Springer is launching a free analytics tool which provides allows users to generate interactive visualisations of the usage of Springer's online products.

The tool aggregates raw data on downloads from Springer's online platform SpringerLink.com, which includes nearly five million documents from about 41,000 eBooks, 1,160 book series, 2254 journals, and 173 eReference works.

Realtime.springer.com aggregates the raw data on downloads of Springer journal articles and book chapters in real time from all over the world, and displays them in a variety of interactive visualisations such as: a map showing where the downloads are coming from, a constantly updating keyword tag cloud, and a visualisation of total downloads. In addition, a search feature shows a chart of the downloads and the ‘Top Five Most Downloaded' list for every journal or book.

"The dimension of context that this service provides to our authors and readers gives them a constantly updated understanding of what the rest of the community considers valuable," said Brian Bishop, Vice President Platform Development at Springer.