Social media in the US – the latest figures

Facebook continues to grow as more older internet users are signing up to social media.

The Pew Research Center has been monitoring the use of social media in the US for a decade.  Over that time, some tools have emerged as important sources of news, entertainment and professional development and support.

For the latest report, over 1500 US adults were asked about their social media usage.

Headline findings

  • 62% of US adults access news via social media
  • Facebook continues to grow – due to number of older users coming on board
  • 68% of all US adults are on Facebook
  • 62% of online adults aged 65 or over are on Facebook
  • 32% of internet users are on Instagram
  • 24% of internet users use Twitter
  • Twitter is more popular with the better educated
  • 31% of internet users use Pinterest

The report can be found here.